Suspension de la dette africaine: Quels sont les enjeux sur cette question? 
Quel doit etre la reconfiguration de l'economie senegalaise et africaine en general apres la pandemie du covid19?

19 April 2020, iRadio

Conference on Climate Change and Food Security in West Africa (First Video)

18-19 Novembre 2019

Wascal CCE GSP Universté Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (UCAD) Dakar/Senegal

Ceremony Of Honoris Causa Title Award to MR. Wilfried KRAUS, Deputy Head of the Department for Sustainable Development, Climate and Energy at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. 
31 May 2018 at King Fahd Palace (Second Video)

Visit Of Dr Schütte, Secretary Of State Of Bmbf To Wascal Climate Change And Economics Grp, Dakar, Senegal (Third Video)

MARCH 7, 2016


National Consultations on the WASCAL Research Agenda 2016 2020 (Fourth video)


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